Marketplace PM for August 2, 2005

Episode Description 

Torts for the EU

The European Competition Commissioner is set to announce a plan that will expand private anti-trust litigation. Stephen Beard reports on some Europeans' hopes to sue, sue, sue.

Staying ahead of the competition

Commentator Clyde Prestowitz is the author of <em>Three Billion New Capitalists</em>. He says to stay here we are, America is going to have to take a page from the competition.

We've got mail!

We hear from listeners on a symphonic leader, Citigroup's Sandy Weill, and losing industry to a neighbor. Send your comments to <a href="">us here</a>.

What is poverty?

Despite rosy numbers from the Commerce Department &mdash; today we hear that personal incomes rose in June &mdash; millions of Americans still come up short when the bills arrive at the end of the month. From North Carolina Public Radio, Laura Leslie reports.

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