Marketplace PM for August 2, 2005

Episode Description 

We've got mail!

We hear from listeners on a symphonic leader, Citigroup's Sandy Weill, and losing industry to a neighbor. Send your comments to <a href="">us here</a>.

What is poverty?

Despite rosy numbers from the Commerce Department &mdash; today we hear that personal incomes rose in June &mdash; millions of Americans still come up short when the bills arrive at the end of the month. From North Carolina Public Radio, Laura Leslie reports.

Torts for the EU

The European Competition Commissioner is set to announce a plan that will expand private anti-trust litigation. Stephen Beard reports on some Europeans' hopes to sue, sue, sue.

Staying ahead of the competition

Commentator Clyde Prestowitz is the author of <em>Three Billion New Capitalists</em>. He says to stay here we are, America is going to have to take a page from the competition.