Marketplace PM for August 18, 2006

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Bush goes to camp for economic advice

President Bush met with his economic team this morning at Camp David. And, based on his remarks, all of his indicators are up.
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At Ford, cutting production is Job 1

Ford announced today it'll cut back on the number of cars it makes in the US and Canada. Assembly plants will be partially shut down, and more layoffs could be coming. Lisa Napoli reports.

Plot thickens in Plavix patent battle

Drug maker Bristol Myers Squibb is in court trying to stop a Canadian company from selling a generic version of its blockbuster blood-thinning drug. Helen Palmer reports.
Posted In: Health

Air taxis have their meters running

As airlines and passengers were drowning in headaches last week after the terror threats in London, one segment of the air travel industry is seeing nothing but blue skies. Jason Paur reports.

Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal talks with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the week on Wall Street and what's ahead for the markets.
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Hezbollah moves in to rebuild

Now that its cease-fire with Israel appears to be holding, Hezbollah is switching from firing rockets to aiding rebuilding efforts. And many Lebanese welcome its help. Ben Gilbert reports.
Posted In: Canada

What would US get for aid to Lebanon?

International aid is starting to flow into Lebanon. But money may not buy hearts and minds. Kai Ryssdal talks to Jon Alterman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies about the situation.
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Now playing: New books!

Film trailers form the backbone of the movie marketing machine. And some book publishers are starting to test the idea out on their upcoming titles. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

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