Marketplace PM for August 16, 2005

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Delta's destination: bankruptcy?

Delta's share price has fallen so low it will be booted from the S&P 500 Thursday morning. And it's selling off pieces of itself to say afloat: it'll get $425 million for its regional carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines. Host Kai Ryssdal talks about Delta's future with Micheline Maynard of the New York Times.

John Roberts' writings in the spotlight

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library released almost 5,400 pages of files from John Robert's work in the White House yesterday. Amy Scott reports that Roberts' writings may have alienated an important present ally.

Beating an unbearable heat

The searing heat in California this summer has been deadly, killing at least 10 workers. Now the state has stepped in; new emergency regulations go into effect for all outdoor workers next Monday. Rachel Dornhelm reports from Wasco California.

Gaza's next step: filling the coffers

It has been anything but calm today Gaza, as midnight was the deadline for Jewish settlers to leave the occupied territory or be removed by Israeli soldiers. Commentator Robert Hunter says that what really matters is for the region is cold hard cash.

The architecturally significant 'burbs

In France, some architects are countering American-style suburbia by tinkering with the very concept of the suburb. John Laurenson traveled 60 miles outside of Paris to report our story.
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First, a correction to a <a href="">story we ran yesterday</a> on Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. We said the land would return to Palestinian control. In fact, control of Gaza is being transferred to the Palestinian Authority for the first time.<P>Also, a <a href="">commentary by Robert Reich</a> last week incorrectly characterized a dissenting opinion by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts in a case involving the federal government and the environment. Judge Roberts did not say the federal government lacked the power to set national environmental rules limiting real estate development.

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