Marketplace PM for August 14, 2007

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'Made in China' gets recalled again

Nine million Mattel toys imported from China have been pulled from shelves. They've either got magnets kids could swallow or they're coated with lead paint. John Dimsdale reports on the latest addition to consumer anxiety over Chinese-made products.
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Amid 'panic,' what's a portfolio worth?

Another investment group said today it won't let investors redeem shares until it figures out exactly what the price on those shares should be. Steven Miller of Standard & Poors explains why the value is now hard to determine.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Nasdaq opens a new Portal

Nasdaq is launching a new market with about 500 companies listed. But before you rush out to make your first trades, Amy Scott has some caveats to report.
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Credit crunch like bursting bubble

You didn't have to be Warren Buffet to know that giving people loans for houses they couldn't afford might come back to bite the economy. And, as Lisa Napoli reports, we all really should have known better this time around.
Posted In: Wall Street

Beach reads: 'The Pentagon's New Map'

Engineering professor Bill Hammack says Thomas Barnett's book is a perfect confection of bite-sized ideas about our global economy to nibble between dips.
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Feds open way to NYC congestion tax

The federal government has offered New York City $354 million to pay for Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to charge a fee for vehicles entering the busiest areas of Manhattan. The mayor says it will be good for the economy. Bob Moon reports.
Posted In: New York, Taxes

Seeking health-care help across borders

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons has been in Mexico, meeting with officials on health care -- how to pay for it when Mexicans working in America need medical care. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Health, Immigration, Mexico

Big stars not working in concert with fans

In Europe this summer, some of the biggest names in music have been having a rough time filling seats. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

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