Marketplace PM for August 12, 2005

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Heathrow's troubles

British Airways is getting about 70,000 passengers on their way who had been stuck at Heathrow Airport after a two-day strike. BA claims it is the innocent victim here: union leaders say the trouble was sparked by the tough management tactics of an American catering firm. Stephen Beard reports.

The worst seat on the plane

You flying somewhere this month? If so...chances are you'll feel that economy-class seat long after you've gotten off the plane. Commentator Christopher Elliott knows why.

Private security in Iraq

In Iraq, 25,000 civilians — heavily armed civilians — are guarding or helping to guard everything from Army bases to construction sites. Daniel Bergner writes about them in this weekend's New York Times Magazine, and he says it all starts with what you call 'em.
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On Target at the New Yorker magazine

When readers of the New Yorker open their copies next week they'll find them full of ads from the discount retailer Target. So full, in fact, that there won't be any other ads in the whole magazine. Alisa Roth reports.

Fight or flight in gaza

Israel's withdrawal from Gaza begins on Monday: some Jewish settlers are already packing up. Other settlers plan to stay until the bitter end. Irris Makkler reports from one of the first settlements scheduled to be shut down.
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The week on Wall Street

David Johnson talks with host Kai Ryssdal about how markets went up, then oil went up and the markets went down. And the rest of the story.
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