Marketplace PM for August 10, 2005

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How bad are things at Fannie Mae?

Fannie Mae is in some deep financial trouble — although it is one of our underwriters — but it doesn't know exactly how much. After the bell Tuesday the company said it won't finish its earnings restatement until late next year. Dawn Kopecki from Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal talks to host Kai Rysdall about what happend with a call with Fannie Mae's CEO this morning.

The Public's Business: Reich on John Roberts

Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has been making more rounds on Capitol Hill this week. Yesterday Oregon senator Ron Wyden said he was hopeful Roberts would reject congressional intervention in end-of-life situations; others — like RObert Reich — wonder whether he'll reject federal intervention in economic decisions, too.

Sri Lanka: Rebuilding, but in debt

The island country of Sri Lanka suffered heavy damages in last December's tsunami. Aid pledges for the region came to about $2 billion. But politics and bureaucracy have kept that money from those most in need. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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When is ice cream not ice cream?

When the Food and Drug Administration says it isn't. But what the FDA says may change soon, thanks to a proposal that will make it easier to relax food standards. Gretchen Cook has more.

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