Marketplace PM for August 1, 2005

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Long live the King

The price of oil topped $62 this afternoon. Traders were spooked by news King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has died; he'll be succeeded by half-brother Crown Prince Abdullah. Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports the real story today is behind the throne.

Iraq's constitution on the way

Today the crafters of Iraq's consitution said a draft will be ready for the deadline on August 15th. Professor Juan Cole discusses the process with host Kai Ryssdal.

Sleepless nights in North Carolina

Two years ago the textile giant Pillowtex closed its plants in central North Carolina. More than 6,000 workers in cities like Concord, Salisbury and Kannapolis lost their jobs. Leoneda Inge checks in with one family.

Taking the business of Washington to TV

There has been a strange calm over Washington since John Roberts was nominated to the Supreme Court: No sign of the all-out ad war pundits had predicted. Steve Henn has the story.

Motivation to eat right

There is a new — and unexpected — place where we can find dieting inspiration. Commentator and admitted chocaholic Beth Tietell just isn't buying.
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