Marketplace PM for April 6, 2006

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Immigration reform moves a step forward

The US Senate reached a compromise on a bill that would provide legal status and eventual citizenship to many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Kai Ryssdal gets the details from Marketplace's John Dimsdale.
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A little benzene with that soda?

The FDA has found benzene, a cancer-causing chemical, in a number of soft drinks. But the agency says there's nothing to worry about. A watchdog group is contesting the agency's findings and methods. Helen Palmer reports.
Posted In: Health, Washington

Junk food could get held back

A bill introduced in Congress would effectively ban the sale of junk food in public schools. If approved, students might have to go someplace other than the cafeteria vending machine to get their Cheetos. Sarah Gardner reports.
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'DaVinci Code' paperback sales boom

The paperback release of the hugely popular bestseller has sold 500,000 copies in just the last week, prompting its publisher to boost its print run. It's also pushing a wave of religious books and television programs. Why? Bob Moon reports.

Mexico holds the key to immigration woes

While lawmakers are trying to figure out what to do with the 12 million people who are in this country illegally, author and commentator David Frum says the place to begin reform isn't here. It's in Mexico.
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Is there another leader like Berlusconi?

In his re-election campaign, Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has broken all kinds of laws. But he just pays the fines and does it again. Alexander Stille, professor of international journalism, talks about the Italian leader with Kai Ryssdal.
Posted In: Canada

Blair under fire for political deal-making

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is finding himself in hot water. There are allegations that big political contributors have been rewarded with seats in Parliament. Stephen Beard reports.
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The art of a Wal-Mart tour

As you walk the aisles of your local Wal-Mart, you can follow along with an artist who adds her downloaded voice to the criticisms of the retail giant's business practices. Sara Nics reports.

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