Marketplace PM for April 6, 2005

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Rome is bursting at the seams for Pope's funeral

Rome is literally begging people to stay away. Over a million pilgrims have flooded the city for Pope John Paul the Second's funeral this Friday. Authorities say the city's now full.For businesses in and around St. Peter's, the crowds are a blessing... and curse. Megan Williams reports.
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Meet clocky. The alarm clock. That runs away ...

What measures about a foot long, is brown and shaggy, and will not stop making noise till you get out of bed? Someone at MIT's Media Lab invented what amounts to a cross between an alarm clock and a cat. Call it Clocky. Everyone else does. At the preset moment, Clocky's alarm goes off. You hit Clocky's snooze button. Clocky rolls off the table to another part of the room. And Clocky starts beeping all over again. WBUR's Sean Cole reports.
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The Fed, job numbers, and economic recovery

It's hard to get a handle on the health of the economy these days. The stock market keeps fluctuating. So do oil prices. Job growth looks like it's stalling. Real wages are dropping. But the Federal Reserve keeps raising short-term interest rates. They're trying to ward off inflation. Marketplace commentator Robert Reich parses out who's paying the price.

Goldman Sachs shifts gears on Ground Zero project

So this was the plan. Across from ground zero in New York, a blue-chip Wall Street firm would build a tower. West Street would tunnel under the tower to make room for a World Trade Center Memorial. But now Goldman Sachs says no. Pradnya Joshi has been covering this story for Newsday...
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Noney notes -- for that artistic bartering society

The dollar gained against the Euro and the yen today. Whatever the face value of the money in your wallet, chances are good it'll be worth less - eventually. That's what inflation tends to do to cold hard cash. One could invest in art, for example, but you'd have to part with your cash. Robin Amer reports.

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