Marketplace PM for April 5, 2007

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Subprime geography

Subprime lending casts a wide net. Steve Tripoli takes us through different types of subprime loans and the areas where lenders set up shop — and not just the poor communities are targeted.
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A drop in the bucket isn't enough

The bottled water industry makes $10 billion per year in sales. Commentator Benjamin Barber says that money is better off in the hands of Third World countries that don't have the convenience of a sink.

So long, Tony

This Sunday night starts the last nine episodes of HBO's "The Sopranos." What's HBO going to do now? Kai Ryssdal talks about new programming with TV critic Aaron Barnhart.
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The pounds just poured off me . . .

Get a glass of lemon juice, throw in a little maple syrup and a few dashes of cayenne pepper and you've got the latest weight-loss craze. Stacey Vanek Smith examines the dieting industry — and tries the cleansing fast herself.
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Royal Dutch Shell resumes Nigerian production

After militant violence had forced a shutdown, Royal Dutch Shell is resuming oil production in the Niger River Delta. Bob Moon examines the effect the news had on the market.
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China worried about its hyperactive economy

The Chinese economy is growing faster than government officials expected. For the sixth time in less than a year, regulators have told Chinese banks they need to hang on to more reserves.
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Five-finger discounts come out of your pocket

A national Internet database being launched on Monday will help retailers defend their products against in-store theft. Jeff Tyler looks at the hidden costs consumers pay for shoplifters.
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