Marketplace PM for April 3, 2007

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Bush to Congress: No strings in Iraq, please

President Bush scolded Democrats in a White House press conference today for passing funding bills that called for deadlines on troop withdrawl from Iraq. He vowed to veto any bill that imposed timelines.

High-tech businesses frustrated by H1B limits

The U.S. immigration office had a one-day window open to receive H1B visas for skilled foreign workers. The rush — and subsequent 65,000 application limit — has high-tech companies flustered.
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Google set to conquer space

In a deal today with satellite provider EchoStar, Google announced it will be auctioning off ad space on the DISH Network — with prices based largely on what people actually watch.

Easy come, easy downgrade

Moody's ranks financial institutions based on risk. Recently, it changed its methodology and upgraded some 150 banks based on likelihood of government bailouts. Met with ridicule, Moody's is now reversing course and dozens of banks face downgrades.
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Aeroflot makes bid for Alitalia

The state-owned Russian airline may snap up a big chunk of the Italian airline's stock. Alitalia has been losing money for six of seven years, losing half a billion dollars in taxpayers' cash just last year.
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Just another thing for homeowners to worry about

One influential data company is factoring climate change into its prediction that the coming hurricane season will be a rough one. And it's having a big effect on on hurricane insurance rates.
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Who to call if you're in a fix abroad

If you're doing business in a dangerous foreign country, it helps to know someone who can open some doors. In this installment of "Working," our profile of workers around the globe, we put our trust in a fixer.
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