Marketplace PM for April 28, 2005

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Predatory lenders

You've probably heard the commercials -- Bad credit? No credit? No problem... Lending to people with weak credit is the fastest growing segment of the mortgage industry. Some customers get taken advantage of by sub-prime lenders... and wind up losing money on balloon payments and extra fees. And as Amy Quinton reports, there's another problem.

Tyson's return

Boxer Mike Tyson is going back in the ring. But not for the glory, he's trying to pay off years worth of bills. David Brown speaks to Business of Sports analyst Diana Nyad about the comeback.

Outsourcing panic

India's third largest software exporter just announced that its income jumped almost 60 percent last year, on surging demand for outsourced services. That came as a relief in Bangalore, India's outsourcing capital. The city has been in a panic since Citibank in New York discovered that Indian call center workers stole over $400,000 from their customers. Miranda Kennedy has more from Bangalore.
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Junk fax solution

Annoyed by hundreds of junk faxes filling up your machine? So is commentator Jaime Court. And he's got a plan.

Don't "Bring Your Kids to Work" Day

Did you take your daughter or son to work today? Yep, today was the day, the 4th Thursday of April. If you failed to drag your kids into the office for "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day," don't beat yourself up. Some parents were actually encouraged not to. Work and Family correspondent Sarah Gardner has the story.

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