Marketplace PM for April 19, 2005

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Intel has a new CEO, and new profits

One of those profit reports came out after the bell - from Intel. The chipmaker reported it made a 34 cents a share last quarter, up 25 percent from last year thanks in part to strong demand for its semiconductors in notebook PC's. That sent shares of Intel higher in after-hours trading. If should also make life easier for the company's new CEO, who moves into the corner office next month. Reporter Adam Lashinsky's been scoping out the situation and writes about it in the current issue of "Fortune Magazine".
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Bittersweet new law fights copyright and piracy: Hollywood happy ending?

Imagine lobbying Congress and getting what you want - but with a twist. That's exactly what's happened to Hollywood. New legislation passed today that some folks in the industry feel is bittersweet. We asked Marketplace's Lisa Napoli to take a look...

Chinese, American forces battle piracy together - with mixed reviews

A court in Shanghai today ordered two Americans to serve jailtime and pay more than $60,000 in fines.Their crime - hawking pirated DVD's over the Internet. Some of them sold for as little as three bucks. As Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford reports, this is the first time American and Chinese officials have joined forces to crack down on violators of intellectual property laws. But not everyone is giving the arrangement rave reviews.
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French cooking with an American inner-city flavor

When I say "French cooking", what do you think of?Beef bourguignon? Coq au vin? You probably don't think of inner-city school kids taking home economics. But courses in French cooking are now on the menu at schools in eight cities across the country.The idea is to help students move from the classroom to the restaurant biz. And as Ashley Milne-Tyte reports, it's all thanks to a man who brought his love of French cuisine out of the kitchen.

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