Marketplace PM for April 18, 2006

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Even your medicine isn't immune to counterfeiters

As Chinese president Hu Jintao visits the US this week, Marketplace's special series on intellectual property piracy continues with a look at how counterfeit pharmaceuticals have entered the American supply chain.

Big quake, tiny bank change course of consumer lending

After the 1906 earthquake, most banks sealed up their vaults fearing their money would burn. But Bank of Italy founder "A.P." Giannini carted his money down to the wharf, slapped a plank across two pickle barrels and handed out loans. Or so the legend goes. Amy Scott reports.

Saving a building worth its weight in gold

On the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake, writer Michael Castleman tells host Kai Ryssdal how workers at the city's mint averted a financial disaster for ravaged city.

Record oil prices, but no trickledown to other products -- yet

Oil hit another record price today - trading above $72 a barrel for the first time. Despite predictions that rising energy costs would send the economy into a tailspin, wholesale inflation numbers out today say otherwise. Sam Eaton reports.
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Will American labels translate to retailer profits abroad?

Saks Fifth Avenue announced plans today to open shop in China. At the same time, khaki-purveyor, the Gap, announced it's planning to open 35 stores in the Middle East. John Dimsdale looks into American retailers betting big on foreign markets.

Study: Health problems persist among poor hurricane evacuees

A new study says that Hurricane Katrina evacuees still living in temporary government housing are suffering from high rates of chronic illnesses and mental problems. Helen Palmer reports.
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