Marketplace PM for April 15, 2005

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Filing your income taxes: there has to be a better (flat) way

Even Treasury Secretary John Snow admitted he waited until the last minute... It's no wonder, really, with all the forms, math and receipt-hunting.Of course, you and Mr. Snow could request an extension. But, even then, you still have to mail Uncle Sam a check tonight for what you think you owe. A lot of folks believe there's got to be a better way. Commentator Stephen Moore says there is.

The week that was, on Wall Street

Forday means it is time to check the week on Wall Street, with stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson in Dallas.
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Marketplace on Saving Social Security - Part Two

If it's Friday it must be Ohio. That's where President Bush found himself today. He's been out on the hustings promoting his plan to overhaul Social Security. He's now in the final two weeks of his campaign to drum up public support private investment accounts.And by most accounts, the President's not winning much support. The debate is beginning to move beyond private accounts - and so is our series on Social Security. Today: what are some of the ideas for avoiding insolvency when retired Baby Boomers start draining the system? Marty Goldensohn reports.

NASCAR wants to diversify its audience in a big way

This Sunday's race in Nascar's Nextel Cup Series will be held at the Texas Motor Speedway. Comedian George Lopez will deliver the starting command, "gentleman, start your engines" - in Spanish. NASCAR may be the number two sport on TV, but it claims very few minority fans. And the NASCAR folks say they're racing around to fix that. From Georgia Public Broadcasting, Emily Kopp reports.

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