Marketplace PM for April 14, 2005

Episode Description 

Old media and new money

Newspaper readership is going down. Blogging and online readership is soaring. So why isn't the old media doing a better job of capitalizing on the new money? Anne Marie Ruff reports.

Commentary: How to sell more papers

John Kelly of <i>The Washington Post</i> thinks he knows how to sell more newspapers: just teach more people how to read them.

A look at Bush's Social Security

He said he'd hit the stump for two months to drum up excitement about changing Social Security. There are just two weeks left in President Bush's cross-country campaign -- and by most accounts -- he hasn't made many converts. Today -- the first in a two-part report on where we are in the Social Security debate -- Marty Goldensohn looks at the centerpiece of the reform effort, something called the individual investment account.

U.S. Soccer... post World Cup

Business of sports commentator Ed Derse talks about where professional soccer is in the U.S., 10 years after the World Cup.

Best deduction ever: Trip to France

Over the past few days we've been hearing tales of attempted tax deductions, our way of celebrating April 15th. Los Angeles accountant Michael Eisenburg says that a trip to France might be legit.