Marketplace PM for April 11, 2006

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Gas price forecast

The Energy Department's seasonal outlook predicts an average price of $2.68/gallon for gas this summer -- 25 cents more than last summer's average, and it doesn't account for unexpected supply disruptions such as hurricanes. Will rising pump prices translate to less driving? Bob Moon takes a look.

Ali sells himself

Muhammad Ali has sold four-fifths of all of his licensing rights. CKX Inc. purchased the majority stake in Ali's name, image, and likeness for $50 million in cash. The deal pairs Ali with Elvis Presley, another iconic image and name owned by CKX. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Italy's election

Romano Prodi has claimed victory in Italy's election, but the country's political future is still up for grabs. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has yet to concede defeat, and may yet demand a recount. Can Italy's economy weather the political storm? Stephen Beard reports.

Modernizing the Mafia?

In Sicily, police have arrested the boss of all bosses in the Sicilian mafia. Bernardo Provenzano had been in hiding for 40 years. Provenzano spent most of his time in power trying to make the Mafia a more professional organization. Kai talks with Jeff Israely, the Rome bureau chief for Time magazine.

Who pays when polluters go bankrupt?

If bankruptcy laws are supposed to wipe the slate clean, but environmental laws are designed to hold polluters accountable forever -- which laws win? In other words: Who pays for the clean-up when a big polluter goes belly up? Hillary Wicai has more.

What's a sustainable weight?

Government statistics say a full 60% of the US population weighs more than it should. The problem is particularly troubling among children. And experts warn our healthcare system won't be able to carry all that extra poundage. From the Sustainability Desk, Sarah Gardner reports.

The Undercover Economist on... Amazon reviews

Kai talks with Tim Harford about the reliability of those reviews on Harford is the author of "The Undercover Economist," an exploration of the economics behind everyday life.

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