Marketplace PM for April 11, 2005

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Former AIG leader steps down from other posts

The Oracle of Omaha was in Manhattan today. Warren Buffett spent the day answering questions from regulators.Buffett's not suspected of wrongdoing.But investigators do want to know more about some deals. Some transactions between a unit of Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and insurance giant AIG. Tomorrow, the former head of AIG gets his chance to answer investigators' questions. We're hearing he won't have much to say. Published reports say Hank Greenberg will take the fifth.After almost 40 years at the helm of AIG, Greenberg's on his own. In recent weeks, he's been forced to sever all ties with the company he built up.And now Greenberg's stepped down from the boards of two important cultural institutions. Alisa Roth reports from New York.
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Comparing AIG and Enron - are they similar?

At 79 years of age, you'd think Hank Greenberg would be happy not to run the world's largest insurance company.You'd be wrong. When Greenberg took the reins at AIG, it's profits were $14 million. Today they are $11 billion. And for Greenberg, that says it all. Proof enough of the success of his hands-on style of leadership, he might say. In this regard, Greenberg is of another era. New York Times financial writer Kurt Eichenwald has written about AIG, and another major corporate scandal. Something called Enron.
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Debating Daylight - the daylight savings time plan

Next week, a final vote is expected in the House on an energy bill. So this week, committees are making final tweaks. They're factoring-in issues like rising oil prices and such. There's still lots of room for disagreement, but apparently general consensus on this much. More time for a little golf after work... From Washington, Rachel Dornhelm explains.

You've got to know when to fold 'em ...

How do you hide your gambling winnings from the IRS? A professional gambler tells us how...

Women's focus groups

Had enough of reality TV? Afternoon chat shows not your cuppa tea?Perhaps you're just on the wrong side of the cameras. We've heard of a production company looking for some talent. You need to be able to tolerate the hot lights of a television talk show set and the banter of a host. It helps if you're an opinionated consumer. And Marketplace's Hillary Wicai tells us there's one other thing. No boys allowed.

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