Marketplace for October 7, 2011

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Marketplace for October 7, 2011

Setting the record straight on Apple

Marketplace Tech Report host John Moe helps us get the facts straight on Apple and its products.

Europe tries to calculate a bailout fund

Two billion euros or four? The eurozone bailout number is more about the psychology of preventing a panic than the math of covering bank losses.

Troops returning from war face a tough job market

Veterans looking to stay out of the unemployment line try to figure out if their combat experiences can become marketable job skills at home.
Posted In: Jobs

Fox survives to 25

Against big odds, the Fox network turned the Big 3 into the Big 4.
Posted In: Entertainment

Jobs added in September

The 103,000 new jobs are better than the number of jobs added over the summer. But the long-term picture is another thing.
Posted In: Jobs

Weekly Wrap: Occupy Wall Street, Dexia

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: the Occupy Wall Street protests and whether they'll make a difference; the stagnant economy; and if more Dexias are out there.
Posted In: Wall Street

Can anything be done to help the U.S. economy before Election Day?

Qorvis Communications' Stan Collender discusses the political side to managing the U.S. economy and what happens after Election Day if partisanship is so engrained.

U.S. eyes medical marijuana industry

A Department of Justice announcement today indicates a shift to target dispensaries.

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