Marketplace for October 28, 2011

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On today's show, Kai spoke with a Greek native who's leaving the country because of unemployment. Here in the U.S., consumers are spending more, but also cutting into their savings. In Washington, though, it's all about "going big" and making major cuts to the deficit. Chase is deciding to forgo debit card fees, although customer charges will come from other places. Commentator Jon Wertheim says the days when public taxpayers dollars built arenas is slowly coming to an end, and that'll change the economics of sports. Kai also spoke to director Andrew Niccol about his new film, "In Time," where time literally is money.

Chase forgoes debit card fee

Backlash against Bank of America's $5 a month fee for debit card use prompts some rivals to drop the idea. But fees will come elsewhere.
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Small talk: "Jersey Shore" and fake maple syrup

The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: Academics take on "The Jersey Shore," getting prosecuted for selling fake maple syrup and Kentucky is giving away a bridge.

Consumer spending up

Consumers spent more than they made in September, cutting into their savings. If government spending drastically shrinks, can we count on consumers for steady spending?
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Weekly Wrap: The eurozone deal

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: the eurozone deal and whether it'll actually make a long-term difference.
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Austerity is in vogue

The super committee has to cut government spending by more than $1 trillion. But now Democrats, Republicans and big business are all talking cuts more than three times that much. How come?
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'Why I'm leaving Greece'

Theodora Oikonomides discusses why she has no choice but to leave her home country of Greece, and how her friends and colleagues feel about the crisis there.

Game over: Public financing of stadiums

The days when public taxpayers dollars built arenas is slowly coming to an end -- and that's changing the economics of sports.
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In a world where time is literally money

Director Andrew Niccol discusses the premise of his new film, "In Time," where time becomes a literal commodity: the currency of life.
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