Marketplace for October 19, 2011

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Marketplace for October 19, 2011

Steel prices fall dramatically

With growth expectations unmet, steel manufacturers cut production.
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Taking the slow train as Europe meets hard times

Portugal and Spain planned a new high-speed train between Lisbon and Madrid. Spain did its part. Now, Portugal can't afford to finish the line.

Social Security bennies bump up

Social Security gets its first adjustment since 2009. The average Social Security benefit will rise by $516 to $14,748. Is that a meaningful bump?

Massive protests in Greece continue

A Greek protester speaks about what's going on in Athens, and what needs to change.

Protesters spark fear among some bankers

Though peaceful so far, the Occupy Wall Street movement has some bankers worried about their personal safety.
Posted In: Wall Street

Reich: Debating America's future

Labels are routine in conversations about politics. But do those labels limit our debates?

Letters: David Frum's departure, North Dakota's jobs

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: reactions to David Frum's resignation as a regular Marketplace commentator, job competition from robots and fracking in North Dakota.

Pharmacies offer counseling to stressed Italians

In the midst of the European economic crisis, Italian pharmacies bring in psychologists to counsel people stressed by the hard times.

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