Marketplace for October 11, 2011

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Marketplace for October 11, 2011

Vitamins: More not better

A new study says too many vitamins and minerals could be harmful.
Posted In: Health

NBA delay will cause big economic ripples

The NBA canceled the season's first 100 games due to a labor dispute. Even the loss of a single game has big ramifications for local economies.
Posted In: Sports

Alternative indicators: Measuring the economy a bit differently

David Brancaccio discusses some alternative economic indicators that may be under your radar -- or even your clothes.

In China, online dating has a traditional twist

Online dating sites in China are flourishing, with some sites reviving the use of traditional personal matchmakers.
Posted In: China

Slovakia's surprising role in the eurozone crisis

The small country finds itself in a very significant position as it decides on whether to contribute to the eurozone bailout fund.

100 Abandoned Houses tell the story of today's Detroit

Photographer Kevin Bauman discusses his project, 100 Abandoned Houses, and why he decided to take pictures of Detroit's abandoned homes.

Congress blocks jobs bill

The Senate has rejected President Obama's jobs bill, but a Plan B is already taking shape.
Posted In: Jobs

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