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Corporations have been moving away from providing retiree health benefits for years. Now IBM joins those choosing to pay retirees an annual lump sum they can use to buy insurance through a private exchange. How much can companies save by sending people to private exchanges?

How does NASA get to Mars? By capturing an asteroid

NASA wants to capture an asteroid and send astronauts to train on it for Mars. Congress is skeptical.
Posted In: NASA, space, asteroid

Egypt's trains falter; microbuses fill the gap

Egypt's new government has suspended the national rail service. This is bad news for most Egyptians, but good news for the country's microbus drivers.
Posted In: Egypt, Transportation, middle east

World Trade Center name brings in thousands of dollars

Big bucks for the "World Trade Center" moniker -- is it worth it?
Posted In: world trade center, World Trade Organization

Louisiana's Gulf Coast adapts to global warming's rising seas

Flood protection uses construction techniques developed by the oil industry. Coastal protection in Louisiana grows into an export industry.
Posted In: Louisiana, Gulf residents, global warming

What can Google do?

Google says it’s going to boost its encryption efforts to better safeguard our data. It can't promise to keep us totally secure, but the effort's worth plenty of PR points.
Posted In: encryption, data, Google

What's a TV appearance worth?

President Obama's effort to convince America to take action on Syria involves six TV appearances today and a primetime address tomorrow. What's that kind of exposure worth?
Posted In: Barack Obama, media, television

Companies push retirees into the private market

IBM is the latest corporation moving to pay retirees an annual sum they can use to buy insurance through a private exchange.
Posted In: Retirement, health care, health insurance

Will an inexpensive iPhone sell in China?

Apple has scheduled a Tuesday product launch for the U.S., the EU, Japan and China. Will the Chinese get excited about a cheaper iPhone?
Posted In: China, iPhone, apple

U.S. is 17th in happiness

Denmark tops the United Nation's World Happiness Report list. America drops to 17th.
Posted In: happiness

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