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In an exclusive broadcast interview, IMF head Christine Lagarde urged U.S. and European policy makers to take action on fixing the global economy. A couple of "Survivor" type stories: What is Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer planning to do to save her company and what does it take to be one of the 30 companies that survives on the Dow? We also have stories about the Village Voice cutting ties with, where the most equal place in the country is,  and hiring data analysis. Plus, what are cows eating these days? Try gummy bears and ice cream sprinkles.

IMF's Christine Lagarde urges action on fiscal cliff, euro crisis

In an exclusive broadcast interview, the International Monetary Fund chief urged U.S. leaders to take swift action on the so-called fiscal cliff, and called for European leaders to continue vetting the region's debt crisis.
Posted In: IMF, Europe debt crisis, fiscal cliff

Kraft: You’ve been voted off the Dow island

UnitedHealth replaced Kraft in the latest adjustment to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Blue Chips that split or wither get the axe.
Posted In: Kraft, Dow, Survivor, UnitedHealth

Do colder temperatures make you less productive?

A new study finds that when office temperatures are low, workers commit more mistakes and are half as productive as they could be working in warmer conditions.
Posted In: productivity

A new new strategy for Yahoo coming soon

New CEO Marissa Meyer is expected to use her Google experience to jump-start growth at Yahoo
Posted In: Google, Marissa Mayer, Microsoft, Yahoo, Yahoo!

Village Voice to cut ties to sex ad business

The decision is a hit to revenue. But other alternative weeklies are surviving without adult classifieds.
Posted In: Village Voice, newspapers, media, advertising

The haves and the have-nots? Not in Country Knolls

The through line in this election campaign and in the economy for the past year or so has been a debate about income inequality. According to the Census Bureau, the community of Country Knolls, in upstate New York, is the most income equal in the country.
Posted In: New York, income inequality, equality

Using big data to profile the perfect worker

Large companies that hire thousands of hourly workers are turning to big data to streamline recruitment. Our own Kai Ryssdal gets profiled to see what his answers to a few simple questions tell us about what kind of employee he'd be.
Posted In: Jobs, survey, analytics

As corn prices rise, farmers add candy to cows' feed

Substitutes for expensive corn feed range from the unprocessed -- straw and cottonseed hulls -- to a teenager's diet -- ice cream, chocolate and gummy worms.
Posted In: cows, corn, animal feed

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