Marketplace for Monday, September 20, 2010

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Marketplace for Monday, September 20, 2010

U.K.'s countryside losing its green

The U.K.'s budget cuts could threaten the upkeep of the countryside's picturesque hedgerows.
Posted In: Agriculture

'The Memphis misery tour' of foreclosures

Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson tours one of the poorest neighborhoods in Memphis, Tenn. with an attorney who is bringing a lawsuit against Wells Fargo for predatory lending.
Posted In: Banks, Housing

Georgraphy influences thoughts on immigration

Marketplace's Bob Moon talks to Dowell Myers, a professor of demography and urban planning at USC, about politics and the immigration debate.

Seeing the opportunity in uncertainty

Commentator Justin Fox says that business people shouldn't spend much time being anxious about this economy's uncertainty but thinking about how to profit off of it.

Genetically modified food v. World hunger

A "superfish" type of salmon may be served for dinner soon, if the FDA approves Aqua Bounty's genetically modified salmon. Critics don't buy Aqua Bounty's argument that genetically modified food will solve world hunger and food shortages.
Posted In: Agriculture, Food

TV networks battling Internet TV, DVRs

If it seems like this new TV season is splashier and more star-studded than usually -- it's probably because it is. Networks are bringing out the big guns to combat DVRs and Internet television.
Posted In: Entertainment

Recession's end doesn't mean full recovery

A report from the National Bureau of Economic Research said that the recession ended over a year ago -- but as Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports, just because the recession ended, doesn't mean people are feeling good.
Posted In: Jobs

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