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Verizon Communications has agreed to buy out Vodafone's stake in Verizon Wireless, giving it full control of the most profitable mobile service provider in the country. The number of Americans using heroin has been on the rise, reaching epidemic proportions in rural areas and suburbs. It's the last holiday weekend this year and that's a big deal on the Jersey Shore, especially after recovering from Hurricane Sandy last year. And we hear about the one bright spot in the Vietnamese economy: coffee.

Vietnam getting a boost from its coffee

But some worry that with commodity prices falling, relying so heavily on agriculture is a risk.
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Heroin use on the rise in rural areas

The number of first-time heroin users in the U.S. is on the rise, and overall, heroin use went up 66 percent in 2011.
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CBS and Time Warner end payment dispute

The fight between the two companies lasted a month and included a blackout of channels like CBS, CBS Sports Network and premium offerings like Showtime.
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My first job: A drive-thru restaurant love

A Marketplace listener talks about her first job at a local restaurant and drive-thru.
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Move over, business owners: Labor is unhappy about Obamacare, too

Labor unions are unhappy with provisions in the Affordable Care Act that could tax their members' health coverage.
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On Jersey Shore, the summer after Sandy comes to close

A year after Hurricane Sandy's destruction, Labor Day marks the end of a summer of recovery for beach towns.
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Possible rate hike unites the (postal) classes

Class division in the United States can be stark, in one small way, tough financial times at the Postal Service are uniting the classes.
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Verizon strikes $130 billion deal for Vodafone

Today, Verizon Communications agreed to buy out Vodafone's 45 percent stake in its giant wireless unit for $130 billion.
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Syria strike still up in the air

While a strike against Syria seemed imminent at the start of the weekend, it now looks as though there could be some delay.
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