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China and the United States have filed complaints against one another with the World Trade Organization, so what does that mean for global business? Plus, the Chicago teachers' strike is slogging onward, but at least one suburb is still going to class. We look at what kind of damage a shortage in the critical gas helium is doing for health care and the military (not just birthday parties). And it's Sports Monday here at Marketplace as Mark Garrison looks at the NHL lockout, and Zachary Barr inspects golf's recent -- but sharp -- slide down the hole.

Helium shortage causes prices to balloon

Helium is an abundant element that's vital to high-tech products. But slack production is causing a shortage, and that has helium prices ballooning.
Posted In: balloons, helium

Hockey lockout, again, hurts small businesses

The second NHL lockout in less than a decade threatens to hurt small businesses in and around hockey arenas.
Posted In: business of sports, NHL, Small Business, hockey

Occupy's impact on a business leader and a protester

Occupy returns to Wall Street. On its one year anniversary, a protester and a business leader reflect -- together-- on how the movement has changed them.
Posted In: Occupy Wall Street

The science (and business) of sowing seeds

Author Janisse Ray talks about her new book "The Seed Underground," which explores why many farmers today aren't using the seeds their grandfathers used.
Posted In: genetically modified food, Agriculture

Chicago area school stages strike workaround

Lake Forrest High School in suburban Chicago is fighting its own striking teachers by running the school without them.
Posted In: Chicago, strike, teachers

U.S. companies roll with turmoil in Egypt

Some businesses see little impact of current unrest on long-term business strategy in Egypt.
Posted In: Egypt

China's export strategy prompts a U.S. trade complaint

China rewards companies for exporting auto parts to other countries, so the U.S. files a complaint with the World Trade Organization, its 15th against China.
Posted In: China, trade, export, auto parts

Golf tries to bring players back on course

Long a staple of business networking, golf is on the decline. It's lost five million players in the last 10 years, but now it's making some changes to bring golfers back to the course.
Posted In: Golf, marketing

Fourth richest woman in the U.S. has an unusual celebrity connection

Can you guess who was Elaine Tettemer Marshall's mother-in-law?
Posted In: Anna Nicole Smith

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