Marketplace for Monday, September 13, 2010

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Marketplace for Monday, September 13, 2010

Who takes care of the natural gas pipelines?

Marketplace's Jeff Tyler takes a look at why none of the $50 billion President Obama proposed for infrastructure repairs is targeted at gas pipelines.

Searching for hope in the recession

Manufacturing employs a significant number of residents in the town of Kingsport. But with consumers buying a lot less, it's not just the manufacturing employees that get hit, but everyone from the local store owner to the hairdresser.

Confronting piracy in the world of fashion

Kai Ryssdal talks to Susan Scafidi, the director of Fordham University's new Fashion Law Institute, which will provide legal services for design students and designers and train future lawyers who would like to focus on the issues confronting the fashion industry.
Posted In: Law

Road Warriors: Amit Chawla

Software consultant Amit Chawla talks about the song that reminds him about how lucky he is to have his wife and children while he's on the road.
Posted In: Jobs, Music

Salam: No taxes for Americans abroad

Commentator Reihan Salam thinks that the U.S. government needs to stop taxing Americans working abroad as a way to encourage entrepreneurs domestically and abroad to exchange information and ideas about new markets.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Using 'white space' for faster Internet

"White space" is what the Federal Communications Communication calls unused airwaves. The FCC is thinking about opening up some of that white space to the public -- which would result in better, faster Internet.

Balancing safety and economic growth

At the Basel III Conference, bank regulators proposed to increase the money that banks must save per $100 lent. The extra capital will help banks weather future economic crises better, but will make it more expensive for them to lend, which will hurt the economy.

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