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Hurricane Sandy makes its way to the East Coast. Damage estimates are in the billions, meaning that it could leave a negative impact on the economy. In the meantime, some businesses -- like hotels -- have to remain open through the storm. Reporter Scott Tong looks into the power grid situation amidst the storm. In the latest installment of Food for 9 Billion, an exploration into Greece's obesity epidemic. We hear about an Arizona entrepreneur that sees growth opportunities south of the border. And host Sarah Gardner speaks with John Ficarra, editor of MAD Magazine, about the success of the magazine over 60 years.

'MAD' men: 60 years of spoofing the advertising industry

MAD Magazine editor-in-chief John Ficarra reflects on 60 years of parodying advertising.
Posted In: Mad Men, mad magazine, alfred e. newman, ficarra, publishing, advertising, cigarettes

Superstorm Sandy could pack an economic punch

As the hurricane-turned-superstorm Sandy heads for densely populated and economically vibrant regions. Its costs could spread to housing, consumer spending and jobs.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy doesn't give everyone the day off work

While many workers were sent home ahead of the storm, not everyone gets the day off for Hurricane Sandy.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy

Carbon nanotubes could mean smaller microchips

IBM scientists are working on an alternative to silicon that mean lighter, faster, cheaper chips.
Posted In: nanotechnology

Greece's diet crisis: Greeks abandon traditional foods, and an obesity epidemic is the result

More than 10 percent of the world's population is malnourished, but an even larger proportion is overweight. Greece has one of the highest rates of child obesity, despite having one of the world's healthiest cuisines.
Posted In: Greece, obesity, food and drink

Arizona manufacturer sees Mexico as key to growth

It's been 20 years since NAFTA was signed. These days, the mantra is that more manufacturing plants in Mexico should be good for the U.S.
Posted In: Mexico, NAFTA, arizona, Small Business, manufacturing

Sandy hits, power goes out: The grid needs to wise up

The power grid is too large, too dependent on distant electricity supplies and not smart enough to pass the hurricane test. The result: long power outages. Upgrading to a more reliable grid will cost billions and take decades.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, power grid, electricity

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