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Former Fed chairman Paul Volcker discusses his tenure and what concerns him today about financial markets, along with financial historian William Silber, who wrote a new book called "Paul Volcker: The Triumph of Persistence." The Nobel Prize in economics went to two Americans for their idea known as the matching theory. Japan’s Softbank Corp. has announced its 70 percent investment in U.S. mobile carrier Sprint Nextel Corp, making it the largest overseas buy from a Japanese firm. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is closing on a deal to lease the Ohio turnpike for $1 billion. And Gina Keating, the author of "Netflixed: the Epic Battle for America's Eyeballs," offers a deeper look at the company.

Read the memorandum of understanding for tomorrow's presidential debate

Nothing about chilled Evian water in the waiting rooms or colored M&Ms, but it's a pretty good read.
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Can posting calorie counts save us from ourselves?

Commentator Beth Teitell on whether knowing what we're eating will affect how much we eat.
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Sprint Nextel to get a $20 billion lifeline

Softbank, Japan’s No. 3 mobile phone network, agrees to buy a majority stake in Sprint, in a bold bid to take on giants AT&T and Verizon.
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Interview: Paul Volcker on why U.S. presidents still call on the former Fed chief

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker and his biographer Bill Silber sit down for an interview on the economy, financial regulation, and why U.S. presidents still call on the former Fed chief.
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Netflix knows you in ways you can't even imagine

It knows when you pause a movie. It knows which actors you hate. And it knows how much you like that cheery red interface. The algorithms and customer experience that have made Netflix such a success.
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Ohio governor considers privatizing state turnpike

An expensive turnpike study by KPMG was expected to be presented at a regular Ohio Turnpike Commission meeting today. But it didn't happen. So, speculation continues about Gov. John Kasich's proposal to sell or lease the Ohio Turnpike to investors.
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Campaigns don't help small businesses in swing states

You might think all that political activity in places like Iowa, Ohio and Florida would be great news for the local economy. But campaign spending isn't trickling down to the local level.
Posted In: 2012 election, Iowa, Small Business

Nobel awarded for economics of matchmaking

This year's Nobel Prize in economics goes to a pair of researchers who've worked in the field of matching people to the things they want, in markets like health care and employment.
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