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Eyes are now turning to Italy's problems. P.M. Silvio Berlusconi announced over Facebook that he was not resigning. Here in the U.S., though, Penn State officials are resigning over sexual abuse allegations in the football program. Businesses may soon get a federal tax credit for hiring vets. Social enterprise is becoming a competitive industry in the real world. Paris gets its first baguette vending machine. Warren Buffett wants to keep some of his investments under wraps. And the Census Bureau has a new way to measure poverty.

Italy under scrutiny

The eurozone's third largest economy becomes the latest threat to Europe's stability.

Baguettes straight from the vending machine

In Paris, a baker has invented a vending machine that will satisfy your midnight snack attack for fresh bread.
Posted In: Food

Warren Buffett bets big on stocks

Buffett invested nearly $24 billion last quarter. But the Oracle of Omaha is keeping some trading details under wraps, with regulators' permission.
Posted In: Wall Street

Football scandal at Penn State

Child molestation charges raise troubling questions about the biggest of the big-money college sports.
Posted In: Sports

Berlusconi breaks news on Facebook

Italy's prime minister uses his social network to trump traditional media.

Entrepreneurs crowd into social ventures

A new crop of MBA graduates bring idealism and business discipline to social-good ventures once reserved for nonprofit groups.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

President urges Congress to pass credits for vet hiring

On the congressional table are credits of up to between $5,600 and $9,600 for every vet a business hires. The cost of creating a job far exceeds that credit.
Posted In: Jobs

Politician saves Santa

This final note: Like many other places, New York's Suffolk County faces tight times. Some 750 county employees are facing layoffs. So Suffolk C...
Posted In: Christmas, Final Note

New measure shows more people in poverty

The number of poor children drops under unofficial poverty measure that counts benefits such as food stamps and costs such as childcare.
Posted In: poverty, poor

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