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Kai Ryssdal speaks with former Minnesota governor and former presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty about the election and his new role as the head of the Financial Services Roundtable. Estimates say a combined $6 billion has been spent on the presidential campaigns by President Obama and Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, the power outages in New York caused by Superstorm Sandy have left many that use food stamps helpless and hungry. We look at Sandy's effect on the holiday retail season. And the newest reality show on Bravo shines a light on Silicon Valley.

Businesses face post-Sandy challenges

Some New York stores have products but can't ship them. Others can't get merchandise, and more importantly, wonder whether shoppers will return.
Posted In: Retail, Hurricane Sandy

Sandy outages hit food stamp recipients

Many food stamp recipients in New York lost access to food after Sandy because stores couldn't swipe electronic benefits cards.
Posted In: food stamps, Hurricane Sandy, EBT

Despite Spanish downturn, many immigrants stay

A lack of jobs has not convinced many immigrants who came to Spain during better times to leave.
Posted In: spain, Unemployment, Immigration

So what can $6 billion buy you?

The price of this year's campaign spending is what Americans spend every year renting DVDs.
Posted In: campaign spending, 2012 election

Silicon Valley gets a reality show

Geek chic meets Hollywood in Bravo's new show "Start-Ups."
Posted In: Silicon Valley, reality tv

On the fence: A small business owner from Virginia

With less than a day to go until the nation selects a new president, small business owner Brett Fry's vote will go to the party that will be good stewards of the armed forces.
Posted In: Small Business, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, 2012 election, military

Tim Pawlenty on the election and financial regulation

Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty talks about his new role as CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable, and his plans for the fiscal cliff and financial regulation.
Posted In: Tim Pawlenty, Financial Services Roundtable, fiscal cliff

Undecided voters, beware of Hello Kitty!

A passionate plea not to be tempted by a platform of smiles, hugs and rainbows.
Posted In: comedy, 2012 election

Buy your 'I voted' stickers now

Patriotism and civic pride can be yours for just $3.80 per thousand.
Posted In: 2012 election, voting

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