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Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest retail days of the year, we explore what’s in a name when it comes to shopping. Bob Moon reports on the similarities and differences between a corporate raider and an activist investor. California businesses are becoming easy marks for plastic thieves looking to make a profit. The Wealth & Poverty Desk kicks off its series on labor and Walmart with a look at the temporary staffing agencies contracted by the retailer to distribute goods. And Kai Ryssdal talks to Jean-Jacques Dethier of the World Bank about which James Bond movie villain’s plan would have actually worked.

Workers protest pay, conditions at Walmart warehouses

Critics say a system of contracting out warehouse operation and hiring allows discounters to avoid responsibility for workers.
Posted In: Walmart, Retail, low-wage work, union, permatemp, contractors

Corporate raiders morph into nice(r) guys

Carl Icahn used to buy companies and break them up. These days, he’s an activist investor, using large stakes to influence corporate strategy.
Posted In: Carl Icahn, Investing

Plastic's fantastic for thieves in California

Thieves steal millions of dollars of plastic pallets and milk cases from businesses. Sold to recyclers, the plastic is then used to make new pallets and milk cases.
Posted In: plastics, plastic, theft

SEC: Watchdog or lapdog?

With Mary Schapiro stepping down as chairwoman, how effective is the SEC in policing securities markets?
Posted In: Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Schapiro

FBI uses social networking to track suspects

Fraudsters beware, the FBI is giving a new meaning to "following" a suspect.
Posted In: Twitter, Facebook, FBI, securities fraud

It doesn't (always) pay to be a Bond villain

No one's ever accused a Bond villain of being subtle -- but could their plans to topple the economy actually work?
Posted In: James Bond, Entertainment

If it's Monday, name that shopping day

Branded shopping days clutter the week that starts on Thanksgiving eve. With so many gimmicks, what’s the value of each one?
Posted In: Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Canadian Mark Carney to lead Bank of England

Carney was most recently the governor of the Bank of Canada.
Posted In: Bank of England, Mark Carney

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