Marketplace for Monday, November 22, 2010

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Marketplace for Monday, November 22, 2010

Netflix offers online-streaming-only plan

Netflix has been blowing its movie-rental competitors out of the water since offering its movies-by-mail service. But now, the company is looking to ditch those red envelopes, announcing its new cheaper plan for streaming online only -- no DVDs.
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The hazy line between legal market analysis and insider trading

Wall Street relies on research and information dug up by market analysts. But when does legitimate market analysis cross the line over into insider trading? And how could that affect investors? Tess Vigeland talks to UCLA law professor Stephen Bainbridge.

Effect of higher taxes on rich is unknown

The deadline on the decision of extending the Bush tax cuts is looming closer. If extended, the wealthy could continue to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some deem that as unfair. But with middle-class Americans only saving about $1,000, it begs the question: can helping the rich help others?
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Is the Euro in danger?

Despite initial resistance, Ireland announced today that it has agreed to a $120 billion bailout from the EU and International Monetary Fund. With the country having been one of the EU's big success stories, where does that leave the Euro now?

Changes with medical loss ratio rule may mean lower insurance premiums

Marketplace's Gregory Warner takes a look at a change in the medical loss ratio rule than can benefit both insurance companies and customers.
Posted In: Health

Can start-ups help the economy?

Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman takes a look at whether start-ups can help add jobs to the economy, especially in the face of outsourcing.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Jobs

Applying for a job via voicemail

With so many jobseekers out there, some employers are getting creative on how they sift through the hundreds and hundreds of applications they get.
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