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The super committee has failed to reach a deficit-cutting deal. The rising price of food is making it difficult for food banks this holiday season. Environmental organizations like the Sierra Club are also having a hard time getting funding. Author Jeffrey Eugenides talks about work in the first of a weeklong series on how writers document the economy. And Mitchell Hartman takes a look at the recession in California's Inland Empire.

Super committee fails to reach agreement

The committee can't compromise on the federal budget. Now it's back to a gridlocked Congress that passed the buck to the committee in the first place.
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Nation's food banks stretched thin

Food pantries and soup kitchens are seeing increased demand from the needy. At the same time, food prices are rising and charitable donations are down.
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Remembering a financier who innovated with debt

Theodore Forstmann created the industry of buying companies with mostly borrowed money. His legacy includes a now-familiar word: leverage.

Europe's take on the super committee failure

Rebuked by the U.S. for not ordering their affairs better, Europeans are pleased to see the U.S. having its own budgetary struggles, but not too pleased.
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American Dream fails in Inland Empire

California's Inland Empire was a magnet for cheap housing during the boom. Now, the bust has left many towns in this desert region with 15 percent unemployment and few prospects.
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Bad economy has been tough on environmental groups

At the same time some decry environmental regulation as a drag on the economy, the slow recovery has sapped environmental organizations of donations, leading to layoffs and changes in leadership.
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Eugenides: Writers on Work

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jeffrey Eugenides shares how he writes about jobs and work.
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Poll: 69% of us knew super committee was doomed

How did Republicans and Democrats compare in their predictions?
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A historical perspective on the super committee

Looking back, it's not that surprising that the super committee failed to reach an agreement cut the nation's deficit. Stanford history professor David Kennedy discusses why we shouldn't be surprised, and what to expect next.
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