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There's optimism that a congressional compromise to avoid tripping over the fiscal cliff is all but a done deal. So what's changed? Cranberries are big business in Massachusetts, but climate change is forcing growers there to rethink operations. The juggernaut that is Black Friday just keeps growing. And now it has extended beyond just sweaters and electronics. Plus, the oil boom in North Dakota has brought thousands of workers to the state, but there's not a lot to do except work. So one promoter brought mixed martial-arts fights to town.

'Fight Night' in an oil-boom town

North Dakota's oil boom has drawn thousands of workers to the state, overwhelming small towns. Rents are sky high. Workers live in barracks called mancamps. And there's not much to do besides work. One promoter brought martial arts fighting to town -- the Williston Basin Blowout.
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Climate change comes to the cranberry bog

Cranberry growers in Massachusetts are starting to look elsewhere to farm as a warming climate makes managing bogs more expensive and interferes with the maturing of berries.
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An old friend of the party assesses China's new leaders

Sidney Rittenberg is one of the few Americans to join China's Communist Party. The one-time translator for Mao Tse-tung hopes China's new leaders have the courage to reform.
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An income tax form.

In defense of the income tax, a history

It took a natural disaster and a financial panic to get income taxes written into the U.S. Constitution. That was 1907. And even those who like public programs are still struggling to defend taxes.
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As Myanmar opens up, U.S. firms wade in

President Obama’s visit to Myanmar accompanies an easing of trade restrictions that has U.S. companies stepping into the underdeveloped country.
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Twinkies fans rejoice, Hostess to go into mediation

Hostess will hold talks with its bakery workers union to try to avoid the company being shut down. Bad news for people who may have bid thousands of dollars on Twinkies.
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Rally suggests fiscal cliff deal is done

Wall Street rallies on optimism that a deal will be reached to avoid the fiscal cliff. Nevermind that Congress is on recess and Obama is in Asia.
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Other businesses pile on to Black Friday, the event

Businesses from insurance to over-the-counter medicine see the crowds attracted by Black Friday shopping and figure out ways to cash in.
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