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Based on results out of some key elections in Europe, it seems like voters have said no to austerity. A new study looks at how the immigrant workforce in Napa County in California contributes to the economy there. Tesla and Toyota are teaming up to try to make the electric vehicle more mainstream. Kai Ryssdal talks to economists Justin Wolfers and Betsy Stevenson about their "job share" idea. And in our series Food for 9 Billion, the story of how one man in India is preparing for his country's inevitable water crisis.

Study says Napa Valley immigrants pay their way

A new study reveals that immigrants in Napa Valley, Calif., get out of the system about as much as they pay into it, despite rumors to the contrary.
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Facing water shortages, Indian farmers dig in

Fast-growing India is pumping itself dry. For the "water man," the solutions will come from the grassroots.
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The political pushbacks on European austerity measures

Journalists in France, Greece and Germany analyze the post-vote turmoil happening in Europe right now.
Posted In: France, Francois Hollande, Germany, Angela Merkel, Greece

Toyota introduces an electric RAV4, again

Toyota partnered with high-end electric carmaker Tesla to unveil the new RAV4 EV in Los Angeles today. Surprisingly, sales expectations are low.
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Yahoo CEO's resume controversy

A hedge fund that owns 6 percent of Yahoo is threatening trouble over the Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's resume.
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The argument for work sharing

Economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers discuss the idea behind work sharing, which would allow workers to get partial benefits when companies cut parts of their job.
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