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Just in case those emails weren't enticing enough, Pfizer has decided to buck a business trend and sell Viagra direct online to combat conterfeits. Will it work? In another "will it work" question, YouTube is rumored to be putting up paywalls for content. We check in on whether your favorite cat videos will be behind it. On your original (TV) screen, USA networks paid a hefty price for reruns of "Modern Family," a laugh track-less show. Does the canned laughter make a difference?

Turning the world on with her smile: A look at 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

In her new book, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong takes a look at Mary Richards and the rest of the gang from the WJM newsroom and the real-life people behind the "Mary Tyler Moore Show."
Posted In: Entertainment, television, women, mary tyler moore

Searching for gold in Southern California

California played host to the first gold rush in the mid-1800s. But in 2013, panning for gold isn't so much a way to make money as it is a way to get back to basics.
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Navigating China's perilous health care system along the Street of Eternal Happiness

China’s government has spent more than $125 billion on securing coverage for 95 percent of the country, but big problems remain. China remains a place where out-of-pocket costs can equal a year’s salary and where underpaid doctors expect a bribe before they perform surgery on you.
Posted In: China, senior citizen, health care

Putting a price on YouTube

YouTube is set to start charging a monthly fee for certain video channels. But most content will still be free.
Posted In: YouTube, paywalls, online video

The value of a laugh track

Can adding canned laughter make a sitcom more popular than one without the assist? As old-fashioned as laugh tracks seem, they're still a valuable element of successful TV comedies.
Posted In: television, USA network

Pfizer wants you to buy Viagra online -- from Pfizer

Viagra is one of the most-counterfeited drugs on the web, and Pfizer's latest effort to tackle that issue is a first.
Posted In: viagra, Pfizer, pharmaceuticals

Commercial casino revenues are up

If people feel like they've got money to burn, that's a positive economic indicator, right?
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