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Memorial Day kicks off the summer travel season and while Americans may indulge in an occasional long weekend, Europeans are gearing up for several weeks of vacation. Here in the U.S., companies like Time Warner Cable and Yahoo are reportedly bidding between $600 million and $800 million for video streaming service Hulu. U.S. military applications are up as youth unemployment continues to soar, so military recruiters are fine-tuning the admissions process. And Mexico's economy is booming and now big companies targeting the U.S. market are relocating from China.

Why companies are hot for Hulu

As focus shifts to Internet video as a profit model, Yahoo has its eyes on Hulu. But it needs to get in line. DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, and at least three private equity firms also hope to acquire the subscription-based video service.
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In Europe, vacation days stay

One in four Americans get no vacation days while the average European gets 25 days off.
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Some firms targeting U.S. choose Mexico over China

Some companies who sell to the U.S. now prefer Mexico to China as a manufacturing base. Rising Chinese labor costs are part of the reason. Mexico's proximity to the U.S. is another.
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Protecting groundwater is important despite drought

Drought conditions from last year in the U.S. are likely to continue. Commentator Robert Glennon says that spells trouble for the nation's groundwater supply.
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Jobs for youth today spares economic burden tomorrow

Could the government solve the youth unemployment problem?
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E-vehicle maker Better Place is switched off for good

The company Better Place is liquidating, after a failed attempt to make electric cars with batteries to swap in and out. Problem is, e-vehicles are still expensive. And fossil fuel prices in the recent downturn have softened.
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Uncle Sam might not want you anymore

It’s a good time to be a recruiter for the U.S. military. Applications are up, as youth unemployment continues to soar. And the Pentagon doesn’t need as many people as it did at the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Vintage Apple computer sells for $668,000

The computer sold for only $666 back in the '70s.
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