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Facebook stock is slumping, as is everything else on the NASDAQ. Were the naysayers right? There's been a lot of talk of the potential losers from JPMorgan, but there are winners as well. A Chinese company is paying $2.5 billion for the U.S. cinema chain, AMC. Commentator Dave Lauer talks about how high-frequency trading unsettled markets and his conscience. Universities continue to open new pharmacy schools, even though fewer jobs are available. And Kai Ryssdal talks to Ralph Eubanks, director of publishing at the Library of Congress, about how these campaign posters reflect the economic issues central to different elections.

Past presidential elections through campaign posters

Ralph Eubanks, director of publishing for the Library of Congress, talks about the new book, "Presidential Campaign Posters," and what has and hasn't changed about campaigning throughout the years.
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An overdose of pharmacy students

Just five years ago, universities rushed to open pharmacy schools to fill a projected need. But baby boomer pharmacists are delaying retirement.
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High-frequency trading: Bad for markets... and the soul?

Commentator Dave Lauer worked in high-frequency trading until he had a crisis of conscience.
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Collateral damage mounts after Facebook IPO

Lots of companies were counting on the social network to boost their fortunes when it went public. Just the opposite happened.
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EU depositors protected, not from euro collapse

Depositors into European banks have their money protected, as here in the U.S., but the risk is not just that the bank might collapse, the currency might.
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Chinese company Wanda to buy 5,000 AMC cinema screens

It’s a lot of money, but Chinese ownership is no big deal for most Americans.
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Taking aim at the Census

You've probably never heard of the American Community Survey. It's on the cutting room floor in Congress. And businesses are not pleased.
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If JPMorgan lost on trades, who won?

JPMorgan Chase has gotten a lot of attention for its estimated $3 billion trading loss. But who were the winners in those bets?
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