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You've probably heard it already: Yahoo is buying Tumblr. The real question is: Can you buy cool? We ask if the acquisition will help make Yahoo any hipper. Plus, after that, will it make money? Also, Cirque du Soleil’s second Michael Jackson tribute opens soon. We look at how well, economically, MJ is doing in the afterlife.  

Moleskine's CEO on paper's advantages (and how to pronounce Moleskine)

Arrigo Berni puts his bet on paper over tablets after taking Moleskine public.
Posted In: Moleskine, paper, notebook

Power, risk and Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon faces shareholder judgment on whether he should remain chairman -- as well ask CEO -- of JPMorgan Chase. It's a symbolic vote, but important to a banker who prefers control.
Posted In: Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan

Yahoo spends a cool billion on cool

Marissa Mayer is looking to the Tumblr acquisition to help change the DNA of Yahoo, from old and tired to young and hip.
Posted In: Yahoo!, Yahoo, tumblr, acquisition, Mergers and Acquisitions

The steps to making Tumblr a moneymaker

How does Yahoo plan to sell ads to turn Tumblr into a profitable acquisition?
Posted In: Yahoo, Yahoo!, tumblr, Mergers and Acquisitions

New Cirque du Soleil show will keep money flowing to Jackson estate

Michael Jackson is gone, but his music is still breaking records, earning around $150 million a year.
Posted In: Michael Jackson

Texting while driving? There's an app to stop that

AT&T and other mobile carriers are uniting to help prevent teens from texting while driving. What technology exists, and does it work?
Posted In: texting, safety

Nashville's Music City Center hopes to make a lasting note

Nashville's Music City Center cost $600 million and has a lot of cutting-edge bells and whistles. But convention organizers looking for a new convention center have a lot of options.
Posted In: Nashville, conventions

Boeing 787 Dreamliner returns to the skies

Four months after being grounded for safety inspections, Boeing's 787 Dreamliner flew safely from Houston to Chicago today.
Posted In: Dreamliner 787, Boeing, Dreamliner

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