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Teacher speaks with students
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Target finally booted its CEO but any new CEO will face more problems than just the aftermath of a giant credit-card breach. What's a new CEO to do when the stylish discount store is losing sales to people who never go in a store? Plus, right when it seems that we need computer security more than ever, Symantec's executive announces in the Wall Street Journal that "antivirus is dead." Stacey Vanek Smith reports on the demise of antivirus as a computer security measure and what is taking its place. Also, new reports from the Center for American Progress and the National Education Association say U.S. teachers are nowhere near as radically diverse as their students. Almost half the students attending public schools are minorities, yet fewer than 1 in 5 of their teachers is nonwhite. What is causing this "diversity gap"? How important is it? And, what can be done to narrow it?  
Pre-kindergarten teacher sits with her students

When 4 out of 5 teachers are white

New reports say U.S. teachers are nowhere near as racially diverse as their students.
A Target in Springfield, Virginia

What a new CEO at Target will face

Target's new CEO will face more than just the aftermath of a giant credit card breach.
Posted In: Target, Gregg Steinhafel, CEOs
Judy Garland Wizard of Oz

How the VIX index tracks investor fear

When stock markets are going down, the VIX index is going up.
Posted In: VIX, Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, Wizard of Oz, fear

Your parents met on's latest campaign goes beyond the baby carriage to college.
Posted In:, online dating, scholarships
Leigh Steinberg

Sports agent Leigh Steinberg on pro football's rise

Inside the mind and career of longtime sports agent Leigh Steinberg.
Posted In: Sports, NFL, business of sports intern Dan Stein

Why the unpaid internship may be on its way out

As college students face pressure to gain experience, unpaid internships fall out of favor.

Why green olives come in jars, but black ones come in cans

A tale of economics, dinner parties and death.
Posted In: olives, canned food, Food, botulism

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