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President Obama announces his nomination for the next White House budget director, Wal-Mart's Sylvia Mathews Burwell. A new analysis by the Tax Policy Center says that the tax bills of the one percent are the highest they've been since 1979. In a new book, author Steve Boggan examines the life of a bank note by following a $10 bill around the U.S. for 30 days. Amy Scott teams up with the Chronicle of Higher Education to find out just what employers want from today's college graduates. And as part of our disappearing jobs series, we talk to shoemaker Raúl Ojeda about what it's like to be one of the last in the business.

CGI fails to generate box office success

This weekend, 'Oz the Great and Powerful' opens at the box office. The special effects wonder cost Disney a reported $325 million, most of which was spent on CGI.
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Following the money, over 3,000 miles

In a new book, author Steve Boggan examines the life of banknote by following a $10 bill over 30 days and 3,000 miles.
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Can the new OMB chief tame DC's budget monster?

President Obama's new budget director will have less leeway to bargain than her predecessors. But it's also a chance to prove her mettle.
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Trains will move tar sands oil, if the Keystone XL doesn't

A study commissioned by the State Department concludes that building the Keystone XL pipeline won't contribute to global warming, because Canadian tar sands oil will get to market with or without the pipeline.
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Yes, the rich pay more tax; their income is up, too

The latest income tax increase on the wealthy could result in their paying a greater share of income in federal taxes since 1979. Their income has increased even more.
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Waiting for the other shoe to drop: Shoemakers

The shoe making industry has changed, but for one young craftsman, the old ways are still best.
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What do employers really want from college grads?

Marketplace teamed up with The Chronicle of Higher Education to ask employers what they look for in job candidates
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