Marketplace for Monday, March 30, 2009

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Marketplace for Monday, March 30, 2009

GM CEO ousted in 'change of direction'

Austan Goolsbee, a member of President Obama's automotive task force, speaks to Tess Vigeland about why the White House is dissatisfied with the auto industry's progress and why it pushed for the resignation of GM CEO Rick Wagoner.
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Madoff fallout hits funding for charities

Many nonprofits took a big hit when the Bernard Madoff scam came to light. Some of his victims are gathering at the Jewish Funders conference, where they are trying to figure out how to move past the scandal. Amy Scott reports.
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Weighing the costs of a college degree

As college admissions letters are sent out, high school seniors and their families must weigh the prospect of going deep into debt for a degree. Emily Hanford reports from one school in Maryland.
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Auto union drove GM to trouble

The Obama administration's force out of GM CEO Rick Wagoner is supposed to help the automaker survive. But commentator Kevin Hassett says for the automaker to thrive, Wagoner's not the only one who should go.
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FHA 's rising defaults spell trouble

Defaults among loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration are up. As Steve Henn reports, if the FHA doesn't do a better job weeding out bad brokers and stopping fraud, trouble could be on the horizon.
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Impact of GM, Chrysler on auto industry

Automobile Magazine's editor-in-chief Jean Jennings speaks to Tess Vigeland about how the troubles with GM and Chrysler may impact other automakers and auto parts suppliers.
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Bankruptcy's a quicker end to GM woes

Some analysts say the ouster of Rick Wagoner as GM's CEO may be the first step toward pushing the automaker to bankruptcy. As Bob Moon reports, it may also be the quickest route toward ending a long and bumpy journey.
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