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Banks are back at it -- giving out home loans with no down payments. But this time, it’s wealthy buyers taking out those high-interest loans. A shortage of doctors means increased opportunities for nurses and others in health care. Apple’s latest acquisition could change things for consumers and marketers alike in the world of indoor mapping. Soccer star David Beckham visited China last week to root out corruption from Chinese soccer, but he's already made a slip-up. We look at the economic industry of the U.S. Supreme Court. And NYU professor Adam Alter talks about the subconscious influences on our decision-making.

For Cyprus, painful cuts follow 'heart attack' to the economy

Odds were pretty high some kind of deal on Cyprus was going to get worked out this weekend. But, economic life in Cyprus will likely get worse before it gets better.
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How much does a big Supreme Court case like gay marriage cost?

Just getting a petition before the Supreme Court can cost a quarter-million in legal fees. If accepted, cases that have taken years of strategizing, while working their way through lower courts, can cost millions.
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No money down home loans return, with a twist

No down payment mortgages died in a wave of foreclosures -- for nearly all Americans. But now they’re crawling out of the grave, for the wealthy, at least.
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How colors and music influence your decisions

A new book explores how our environment -- everything from colors to music to weather -- affects our decision-making.
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Apple joins race for indoor mapping technology

Apple's purchase of an indoor mapping startup shows the competition for technology to help people navigate inside airports and stores -- as well as let marketers track consumers more closely.
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The nurse practitioner will see you now

With millions of newly insured patients ready to descend on the health care system, there won't be enough primary care doctors to go around.
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Mend it like Beckham: Can the superstar save Chinese soccer?

David Beckham has just wrapped up a visit to China, where he is now serving as 'global ambassador' to the country's national soccer league, an organization long plagued with match fixing and bribery. Can Beckham help save Chinese soccer?
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Yahoo acquires Summly, which was created by a 15-year-old

Yahoo spent $30 million today to buy a news-aggregating app called Summly, which was created by Nick D'Aloisio when he was 15 years old.
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