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Russians actions are unacceptable, says President Obama, and if the situation escalates, we need to be prepared to impose a greater cost. But what is that cost, exactly, and if sanctions escalate – what will that eventually cost the US? Plus: The importance of reported talks between Apple and Comcast lies in what a partnership would deliver: a streaming service with cable TV’s high picture quality and streaming’s large selection and ease of use via apps. And: The Exxon Valdez was the perfect dramatic disaster to call attention to environmental risks, yet 25 years later it stands out principally as … the perfect dramatic illustration of continuing environmental risks.

New contact lenses have night-vision capability

Researchers at the University of Michigan have been experimenting with graphene.

The impact of sanctions against Russia

President Obama said Russia will have to "pay" more if things don’t change. Pay what?
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25 years after the Exxon Valdez crisis, we've learned...?

It was a dramatic disaster to call attention to environmental risks, and 25 years later it stands out as an stark reminder of continuing environmental risks.
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Apple + Comcast = ?

A partnership could create a streaming service with cable TV’s high picture quality, streaming’s large selection, and easy to use apps.
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Will you get rich? Your last name may tell you

A new book says surnames can tell us a lot about our social status
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Millennials at work: Young and callow, like their parents

Complaining about the work habits of the young goes back to the ancients.
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Diabetes' new frontier: China

Hundreds of millions of Chinese have moved to the city, leaving behind farmer’s diets.
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Grab your coat, we're going to the frozen food aisle

Marketplace Datebook for Tuesday, March 25, 2014
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