Marketplace for Monday, March 17, 2008

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Bollywood's copycat film industry

India's movie industry cranks out hundreds of films every year. Some filmmakers seem to be cutting corners by borrowing ideas -- and sometimes more -- from foreign films. Rico Gagliano reports on the state of the silver screen in Mumbai.
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Bracing for a Yahoo!-Microsoft culture clash

Senior executives from Yahoo! and Microsoft have met, signaling Microsoft's takeover deal may soon be worked out. Thousands of Yahoo! employees are left to wonder what will happen to their work environment after a takeover. Krissy Clark reports.
Posted In: Investing, Jobs, Science

Microsoft, Yahoo! aren't that different

Commentator and former Microsoft employee Scott Berkun says when you look past the stodgy corporate environment of Microsoft and the freewheeling Yahoo! culture, the two companies are more similar than they might like to admit.
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Life is unfair, and so is the bailout

The collapse of Bear Stearns prompted the Fed to once again cut interest rates. Commentator and economist Andrew Samwick says whether you call it a bailout or a rescue, all Americans have a stake in the outcome.
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Will taxpayers pay for Bear bailout?

The Federal Reserve committed $30 billion in taxpayer money to guarantee the riskiest part of Bear's portfolio in the JP Morgan sale. Kai Ryssdal speaks to Bob Moon about whether the move could ultimately benefit taxpayers.
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Once-mighty Bear killed by subprimes

Once one of the top investment banks on Wall Street, Bear Stearns was offered a mere $2 a share in a bailout deal offered by JP Morgan. Janet Babin reports on how the subprime crisis may have triggered the bank's dramatic fall.
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