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United Fruit has come a long way. The fruit distributor now known as Chiquita Brands is merging with Fyffe’s of Dublin. We look at the banana biz and the fruit biz – both companies are into other fruits, too. Plus: We examine what is wrong with Ukraine’s economy and what it needs to do to repair it and get out from under Russian economic dominance. How much aid does it need. Finally: After a string of deaths, Sigma Alpha Epsilon eliminates all together.  This is a survival move by SAE.  We look at the frat as an economic entity—because Frats are big business, and have all the trappings, from lobbyists.

The business of bananas: Very big

U.S.-based banana purveyor Chiquita Brands is merging with Ireland's Fyffes plc.
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If Michael Scott ran an NGO

The producer of "The Samaritans" talks about the "crazier side of NGO culture."
Posted In: NGOs, mockumentary, The Samaritans

How much aid Ukraine really needs

Ukraine needs billions in aid to meet its debt obligations.
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Changing fraternity culture: A business question

After a string of deaths, elite fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon eliminates pledging all together.
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My first job: Big-rig truck washer

ESPN's Rece Davis didn't start out interviewing athletes on air.
Posted In: espn, My First Job

The guy behind nutrition facts and energy guides

Burkey Belser has his own solution for the redesign.
Posted In: nutrition labels, FDA

Which public radio host are you?

Answer a series of questions including: Who would you most like to interview?
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Arm candy for her: The Ken doll

Marketplace Datebook for Tuesday, March 11, 2014
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