Marketplace for Monday, June 8, 2009

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Marketplace for Monday, June 8, 2009

Entrepreneurship is a way to recovery

Paul Kedrosky, editor of the business blog 'Infectious Greed,' talks with Tess Vigeland about why entrepreneurs are a good bet to help us get out of this economic mess, even in the middle of a credit crunch.
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Europeans vote with economy in mind

The economy topped the list of concerns for the 375 million people who voted in the European elections. Christopher Werth reports.

'Buy American' will lose U.S. more jobs

Commentator Mark Perry says the 'Buy American' clause in the stimulus package makes little sense economically, and might destroy more U.S. jobs than it will save.

Reforms to derivatives could be costly

Traders bought and sold complex financial contracts called derivatives over the last decade. But no one knew the destruction they'd cause in the new millennium. John Dimsdale reports on new regulation that could be coming to the industry.

Boston Globe reporter votes no to cuts

The Boston Globe's newsroom will soon vote on a proposal by its parent company for deep pay and benefit cuts. Globe reporter Scott Allen talks with Tess Vigeland about what he thinks of the plan and why he voted against it.

Impact of Ticketmaster's paperless tix

Ticketmaster is trying a new strategy to combat scalpers: paperless tickets. Miley Cyrus fans will be the first to try out the new system. Jill Barshay reports.
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What you might not see on Chinese PCs

Soon, all PCs sold in China will have to come equipped with censorship software. Officials say it's meant to block access to pornographic Web sites. Jeremy Hobson reports on why computer-makers are likely to comply with Beijing's orders.
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Feds scrutinize big banks' management

Regulators are taking a close look at the management and board of directors at some of the nation's biggest banks. Steve Henn reports the feds have already forced some shakeups.

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