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The White House hosts a Summit on Working Families today, to draw attention to the fact that the US actually has a pretty poor record on paid family leave. It's an important issue in an election year. But to ensure public attention, the summit comes with its own celebrity guest- Mad Men's Christina Hendricks. She will probably get the attention, but there are some real issues here. Plus, Henry Paulson, the prominent Republican and former Treasury Secretary, says global warming will be a bigger crisis of its kind than the financial crisis, and it's time to adopt a carbon tax. Economist Paul Krugman says sure, but politically that's not going to happen. Do you support "second-best" solutions? We look at the higher cost of second-best solutions. 
White House Summit on Working Families

U.S. lags behind the rest of the world in paid leave

The White House Summit will stress the U.S.'s poor record on paid family leave.
Posted In: maternity leave, News

You say potato, I say po-tah-toe... in the tech world

A poll asked folks how they pronounce tech words and the results are fascinating.
Posted In: data, remote control
Morgantown Generating Station

The value of 'second-best solutions' to global warming

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says we need a carbon tax to prevent a global-warming catastrophe. But if Congress won't act?
Posted In: carbon tax, Henry Paulson

Wimbledon: An occasion for white

Marketplace Datebook for Tuesday, June 24, 2104
Posted In: Wimbledon, tennis

Facebook's unassuming jobs program

Facebook and other corporations are pouring money into colleges. Why?
Posted In: Facebook, public universities

Bad transactions can lead to losing your bank account

How does a man with a six-figure income have no bank account?
Posted In: Banks, debit cards

Hollywood's influence on politics

Sure, Hollywood is sometimes called "Washington's ATM," but there's more than just money involved.
Posted In: hollywood, political donors

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